For those of you who follow us in our adventures you know that we were trying to raise money for the purchase of a camp ground in the Sierra Nevada’s to run a mixed outdoor/technology program for youths ages 12 - 20. In fact we had our eyes set on a formerly active Boy Scout Camp in the Golden Empire District, Camp Pahatsi which was resting empty and abandoned. Regretfully its abandonment was caused by a fire that went through its lodge back in 2003.

Although, with your help, we put a good faith bid in for the camp we were ultimately not successful in the effort. So the search is on once again to find that wonderful bit of land with water access for use in our Summer-Camp-4-Kids program.  

What would be ideal would be about 100 acres with either a small lake or a slow area in a river that can sustain a boating program. We would like the camp to be centered around a small but lovely body of water; it’s own private lake.  The main lodge overlooking the water featuring a porch dining areas perched above. At first glance you might be tempted to call this camp a resort, and to some degree you'd be right if you did.  But the youth would enjoy nature with all its peace, beauty, and tranquility. The main sound that you’d hear would be the laughter of all who attends enjoying their time.

The Camp would be welcome to everyone without restriction. Large groups would arrive weekly on Sunday and set up their “homes” for the week.  During the weekdays everyone would move from program to program expertly run by the efficient staff.  But the staff will not only be efficient but down right fun too. They will endeavor to make the experience one of the most enjoyable that would last in their memories well into adulthood. A nature lodge would teach environmental sciences. Skill craft areas will teach hands on projects in leatherwork, wood carving, and carpentry. Cooking, camping and other self sufficient courses will be taught. We’ll have a lodge area devoted to current technologies and how the can best fit in with the environment. And then there is the waterfront. Teaching small boat sailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and lifesaving. All of this while empowering each youth with leadership skills.


The staff would entertain you all the while teaching you skills without realizing you were actually learning. The happiness that would be spread by the staff will only be out done by the life lessons each youth would walk away with.

That’s the experience that the Eagle’s Nest Society wants to bring back to life. It will work hard at keeping the youth engaged and active. It will be designed to have the fisherman next to the solar engineer.  The woodcarver next to the robotics expert.  But most of all it was meant to have the comradery of friendship that will last in a child's memory for years to come.

Help us achieve this goal.  If you have property fitting these requirements and would like to make a donation we’d truly love to hear from you. If not then help us by making what ever donation amount you can to provide kids with another week of laughter that they can look forward to year after year.  

Thank You!

Michael Sullivan

Eagle’s Nest Society Co-Founder.