The Eagle’s Nest Society and the lockdown… or

“How to survive when the going gets rough”

Leadership Program

With your help, once a our new camp can be procured, we’ll be able to work with the older teens that have already gained from the experience of going to camp by the advancement to that of a CIT or Councilor in Training.  Teens, both boys and girls, are more than welcome to participate in our

Updated 01/18

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Our Mission

Updated 09/20

No matter who you are or where you’re from, I think we all can agree that the most important asset in this world is our children. Too often a child can miss out on an opportunity that other children get to experience because of funding troubles.

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The Eagles Nest Society is proud to sponsor the BSA Sea Scout Ship 2017, the SSS Polaris out of the Sacramento, CA.

They have are now working with young men and women ages 13-20 in by teaching both motor and sail seamanship. They utilize some of the latest technologies to learn leadership, engineering, and safety while building comradery, and just plain having fun!

Check out their website to see the latest!

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ENS Sponsors BSA Sea Scouts

Updated 12/17

It seems like it was only 6 months ago when we were trekking through the wilderness, sailing the bay or navigating the rivers…

Well, actually it was only 6 months ago. The the world began to close down. And for sanity’s sake were all taking precautions to stay healthy. I’m not talking about stalking up on 4 years worth of bathroom tissue (which was nuts when people did that). I referring to the reasonable precautions. Whether you’re for or against masks it couldn’t hurt to wear them and frankly having one on may give peace of mind to those that you may come in contact with. If you have been unfortunate enough to catch the virus we’re all very appreciative if you wear a mask. As for distance there is no real magic number. Six feet is a good guideline but 10 or 20 would be better, right? How about several miles? There are those that were skoffed at for wanting to live the homestead lifestyle. Those are the people who now having nothing to worry about. For the rest of us were all wanting to get life back to normal. But when is that going to come. For those of us that are not miles away from our neighbor that will come with the governments allow people to assemble in larger groups and businesses to fully reopen. Some claim it will be after the election. Others say when a fully acceptable vaccine comes out.  Until then we can only try to maintain our calmness and take a moment to help our friends and family. Nice gestures of kindness are what we truly need right now. This is what we are promoting at the ENS. Take a moment to help someone out. If you can order some food from a restaurant that is trying to stay afloat and keep their employees on payroll and the deliver that food to someone you know in need.

And even though this summer has been a wash for group outdoor activities, at ENS we’re going to continue to try and put together an even better program for the kids next year. In the meantime were going to be sponsoring several virtual programs in our local communities to keep the kids engaged. If you can help out with donations that would be wonderful. If not, times are tough for a lot of us and we understand. We just hope that you stay safe and healthy and know that were out there thinking about you. God bless.