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Leadership Program.  As we open our new camp we’ll be taking applications from former camp attendees to see how best to place them.  As always we try to accommodate as many teens as possible.  Often this is the first real job a teen holds.  Through guidance and understanding they will come to know what is expected of a good councilor as they themselves had guided by.

They will have the opportunity to work closely with others that have desire to learn all that they have. Whether it’s the knowledge of the past such as nature, geology, Indian lore, environmental sciences, or the knowledge of the future such as robotics and computer science, councilors will be needed to pass along their expertise to the next generation.  

Join us today and stay in touch on how you can help our future leaders and educators better their skills.

Simply being able to go to camp during summer break is a tremendous experience that is often remembered by children for the rest of their lives.

That’s why we created the Eagle’s Nest Society. We are currently working on the acquisition of a former camp so that we can bring it back to life so it can once again experience the laughter both boys and girls can bring. We also are working to provide scholarships for kids that would like to attend camp but ordinarily would not be able to. There shouldn’t be any reason that a boy or girl who really wants to go to camp should ever be turned away. The staff of the Eagle’s Nest Society is looking for your help to acquire that camp and to provide scholarships for kids that would like to experience the great outdoors. Both boys and girls will have the unique opportunity that is Summer Camp.

Our Mission

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